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Tianfu New District Master Plan

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The Tianfu New District will be located approximately 30 kilometers south of Chengdu. The city layout considers the unique features in the landscape such as existing valleys, ridges and slopes and reinterprets them as parks, plazas, pedestrian streets and retail corridors.

The new city will perpetuate the character and identity of the region by recreating local traditional design elements like narrow bamboo lined roads and pedestrian oriented walkways.
The Master Plan concept proposes to integrate sustainable principles into the city through adopting an integrated approach towards meeting the overall objectives of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The city will include commercial, residential, office, cultural, medical, among other functions typically found in a city.

Several goals will be met to achieve the master plan’s sustainable vision including drastic carbon dioxide, waste, water-use and energy use reduction compared to other cities of similar size;  natural environment conservation;  stormwater management; and easy access  public open spaces and transit.

The plan calls for the city to develop a clear roadway framework that is integrated with the natural systems; a network of functional urban spaces that connects to the public realm, to public transportation and infrastructure. It will require inclusion of parcel courtyards, pedestrian streets, and parks, as well as comprehensive green network, connecting all residents to the open space framework, allowing them to have easy and convenient access to green areas and city services.

The proposed architectural design will be characterized by sustainability measures such as wind conditions and daylight available. The master plan outlines the design for buildings with landscaped terraces, balconies and sky-gardens to bring outdoor space to each city resident.  Buildings will range from 5-story “podium” buildings that define the public realm and create private courtyards and entry plazas, up to signature towers of over 300 meters. Most buildings will be less than 100 meters tall, or approximately 25 levels, and will be oriented to maximize daylight and ventilation.

Beijing Vantone Citylogic Investment Corporation


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