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Incheon International Airport Competition

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AS+GG’s submission for the Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 Competition is a celebration of Korea’s customs and achievements.

The terminal’s form is a curved aerodynamic shape, reminiscent of traditional Korean building roof lines, reinforcing the rich cultural heritage. The expansion seeks to draw new visitors, create excitement, and set a future precedent for airports. As international air travel expands, the role of airports is changing. Incheon is now not just a place for travelers to embark on their journeys – it is part of the journey and includes unparalleled service and convenience, all-inclusive amenities, and awe-inspiring architecture.

The integration of the airport both as part of the airport city, and as part of the City of Seoul, is a key to AS+GG’s design. Skylights that originate in the passages that connect the city trains to the terminal accompany passengers throughout the arrivals hall. The light guides passengers in a directional flow along the main circulation route through the terminal from entrance to aircraft.

The skylight extends over a taxiway and into the expansion through a bridge. During different times of day, the skylight projects artistic patterns and colors onto the walking surface below. This provides a unique, shared artistic experience for people visiting from around the world, which they will take with them long after their visit to Incheon.

Incheon International Airport