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Imperial Tower

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At 116 stories and 400 meters tall, Imperial Tower was designed to be the tallest building in Mumbai and a prototype for a city that is densely developed with low-rise buildings.

The softly curvilinear form is aerodynamically shaped to “confuse the wind,” minimizing the negative effects of wind action on the tower. Wind vortex shedding is also mitigated by the north- and south-facing sky gardens, which break up the wind currents around the tower. The sky gardens provide access to light, views, and connections to the natural world that are unprecedented in Mumbai.

The 76,272- square-meter tower includes 132 residential units of that are between 195 and 1,115 square meters and serviced apartments between 72 and 252 square meters. Each of the upper-story condominiums offer stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

Architecturally, the exterior wall is a strong visual contrast to the heavy masonry cladding of the surrounding buildings. Highly sustainable, the facade blocks heat gain and diffuses direct sunlight in Mumbai’s hot and humid climate.

Imperial Tower has several key sustainability features. Water, as one of the region’s most precious resources, is collected, treated, and reused as greywater; rainfall is also collected for re-use by residential units. High-efficiency mechanical systems and the use of native plants in the green-wall podium, grounds landscaping, and sky gardens also add to the project’s sustainable performance.

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