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Astana Congress Hotel

The Astana Congress Hotel takes advantage of sweeping views of the EXPO-2017 site.

The nine-story hotel is located directly west of Nur Alem, the main centerpiece and pavilion of the exposition, which is now in the final phases of construction for the legacy development. The linear shape is connected by a central atrium and subtly curves inward, with most featuring panoramic views of the east.

A roof plane floats above the hotel, covering the atrium with a sweeping form that shelters the building. The roof has a unique club space that uses natural wood to form its under-belly, bringing warmth to the atrium. An eight-story cable wall on each side of the atrium brings in natural light and a dramatic scale to the design.

The facade of the hotel is faceted to create the best views toward the Expo. Reflections of the grand sphere Nur Alem are focused onto the glass of the west facade. The facade design also offers environmental features that reduce solar heat gain.

The hotel is connected to the adjacent Congress Center via a two-story indoor and outdoor bridge. An oval shaped amenity podium contains the hotel ballroom, meeting room, and spa program.


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