• 1 baku at dusk from highway
  • 2 baku from back courtyard view
  • 7 baku overall aerial view
  • 3 baku diagram site plan
  • 5 baku diagrams thermos effect
  • 8 baku interior lobby looking up
  • 9 baku interior lobby
  • 10 baku interior office with atrium views
  • 20 baku overall aerial at night


Baku Landmark Development

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Baku Landmark Development

The Baku Landmark Development is a 30,000 sm, mixed-use building that features office, retail, and residential functions. The building is 50 meters tall and consists of a spacious ground floor lobby, 12 stories of office space, and a penthouse level for the residential component. Additionally, there will be a full grocery store and ample parking located in the below-grade levels. 

The building will become a new landmark for Baku as people will instantly connect its iconic shape with the city. The sculptural outer covering of the building was designed as a modern interpretation of a fortress wall, recalling Baku’s ancient architecture. The curve of the top wall also has a direct relationship to the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, acknowledging the views to and from this neighboring landmark.

The outer wall acts as a protective shell for the building, allowing greater control of solar gain in the winter and shading in the summer by angling its window openings according to the season. The screen-like patterned openings are also strategically placed so that they have a dynamic impact on the spaces inside. Each opening is determined by the placement of attractor points, which are maximized depending on the program. The field of perforation is based upon a modular system that can be panelized and built in a unitized way. 

When entering the building the occupant will experience interior spaces unlike those in any other building. Once inside, the unique outer wall defines a curvilinear 12-story outdoor courtyard and atrium between the inner glass and steel building. This atrium will be fully landscaped to add warmth, encouraging the area to become a social space that initiates opportunities for building occupants to interact.

Interior bridges will connect offices, where typical lease spans are 9 meters to allow the most natural light and cross ventilation. Cantilevered bays in the atrium are flexible and multipurpose and can be used as additional conference rooms or rentable office space. In the highest units, the glass boxes boast unrivalled views up and down the atrium as well as 360 degree views of Baku. The residential penthouse units reach above the monumental wall, for spectacular views in all directions.

The building is designed to a LEED Platinum standard with the fortress-like wall, the atrium, and other sustainable design elements, enhance the energy performance. Other strategies that were explored for energy savings include efficient MEP systems, lighting control, water reuse, and renewable energy options.

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