AS+GG Designs Head Office Building for Federation of Korean Industries in Seoul

CHICAGO January 2010--Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture announced today that it has designed the new head office building for the Federation of Korean Industries in Seoul, South Korea. AS+GG won an international competition to design the project. At more than 240 meters, the tower will be among the tallest buildings in Korea.

"Our hope is that the building will provide a new, lasting icon for Seoul's skyline," said Adrian Smith. "The design demonstrates the power of precise, high-performance, contextually appropriate architecture."

"FKI is comprised of over 500 Korean companies, and this building will represent the desire of that collaborative initiative to be a leader in exemplary, sustainable architecture," added Gordon Gill. "We've incorporated an innovative, multi-faceted exterior wall system that we hope will serve as a new paradigm for future high-performance development."

The building skin is designed to help reduce the internal heating and cooling loads of the tower and collect energy by integrating photovoltaic panels into the spandrel areas of the southwest and northwest facades, which receive a significant amount of direct sunlight per day. By angling the spandrel panels 30 degrees upward toward the sun, the design team maximized the amount of energy collected, generating enough power to help maintain the electrical systems throughout the tower core and the office space. Just below the spandrel panels, the vision panels are angled 15 degrees downward toward the ground, minimizing the amount of direct sun radiation and glare. Together, the alternating spandrel and vision panels create a dynamically rippled façade that is both environmentally progressive and visually striking, giving the tower a unique architectural presence on the skyline.

The tower includes copious garden space and abundant natural light, with an aim to augment the workplace environment and facilitate a high quality of life for building tenants. The building features strong views of neighboring Yeoido Park, the Han River and the city. The sculptural podium piece is located on central Yeoi-Dae-Ro Avenue, further promoting the tower's public identity. The podium amenities include a banquet hall, central restaurant and conference center.

"The new head office building of the Federation of Korean Industries will represent the strong entrepreneurship of Korean companies that wish to thrive on the world stage," said Byung Chul Jung, CEO of the Federation of Korean Industries.

AS+GG is collaborating with engineering firms Thornton Tomasetti and Environmental Systems Design and local firm Chang-Jo Architects on the project. The building is scheduled to break ground this year, with completion slated for 2013.

About Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is dedicated to the design of high-performance architecture and the creation of new paradigms for sustainable development. The office uses a holistic, integrated design approach that emphasizes symbiotic relationship with the natural environment. The approach results in buildings that not only greatly reduce their negative environmental impact, but in some cases, virtually eliminate it altogether. AS+GG is currently working on projects in the United Arab Emirates, China, Canada and the United States. The firm was founded in 2006 by partners Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill and Robert Forest. For more information, please visit
About the Federation of Korean Industries
Since founded in 1961, the Federation of Korean Industries has been the voice of the Korean business community, and represents major Korean companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai Motors. The Federation has done its utmost to promote a free market economy, foster solid national economic development, implement business-friendly economic policies, and integrate the Korean economy into the global economy.