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New Head Office of the Federation of Korean Industries

(Translated from Korean)

The new head office of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) will be a simple and graceful symbol for Seoul. This high-performance, highly efficient, energy-saving building will provide comfort to both tenants and visitors alike. Employees and tenants will enjoy rich green spaces and natural lighting.

The streamlined design is comprised of a 50-story main building and an adjacent podium that features banquet halls, conference rooms and other public spaces. The first floor of the podium houses banquet halls capable of holding international conferences while the second and third floors have conference halls of varying scales. A bridge connects the third floor of the podium to the third floor in the main building, linking the floors as a grand conference hall.

From a sustainable perspective, the building has been designed in much the same way as a finely tuned instrument. The solar canopy equipment adjusts its angle so that it maximizes the altitude of the sun. The energy collected will also reduce the cooling load and provide air-conditioning savings. A rooftop garden will also help realize cooling and heating savings while further taking advantage of the sun.